Three-layers' Theory

The human body generates a large amount of energy during exercise. That’s why it’s fundamental to have an adequate layering for efficient heat dissipation while keeping your microclimate balanced.

The “3-layers’ theory”  starts with the basic assumption that the heat dissipation produced during sport makes it difficult to obtain a constant body temperature, so it’s important to gradually add layers. It is breathable clothing that actively helps moisture transport, but also with different weight for all weather conditions.  

The first layer, commonly know as the base layer, is what is in direct contact with the skin, and is the most important because the success or failure of all the layers lies in the base. It must feature lightweight, superb moisture management, antibacterial material and be soft against the skin. It can be developed with different constructions (seamless, mesh, ecc) and fabrics with specific characteristics as carbon fibre with antistatic properties, polyurethane coating for windproof protection or Merinos wool for a very comfortable fit. 

The second layer or intermediate is usually composed of jerseys and trousers. These garments work as an insulator between your body and the outside elements so they feature thermal capabilities that retain warmth while allowing a slow breathing process. They also can feature varying weights and fabrics depending on the temperature. 

The third layer, crucial for a reliable protection against the elements like rain, snow and wind, comes full circle.  This membrane is generally made using laminated fabrics, which is the product of joining various materials. In this way we are able to manufacture windproof and waterproof garments, that are elastic and breathable at the same time, which provide to user with excellent freedom of movement.  Using different thickness is the best way to choose the appropriate outfit for every weather condition and provide solutions to the progressive heating needs of athletes. 




Feather: This category contains garments made using lightweight and very elastic fabrics so as to ensure excellent freedom of movement and quick moisture transfer.

Active: Products in very functional materials to wick moisture away during highly intense training. 

Warm: Insulated clothing that feature both outstanding breathability and protection from cold.

Intense: Protective base layer with windproof inserts when conditions take a turn for the worst. helps moisture transport, but also with different weight for all weather conditions. 


Feather: Lightweight and extremely breathable apparel ideal for extended summer outing.

Warm: Cold-weather clothes that feature specific construction to protect you in less than favourable conditions. 


Active: Garments, that protect you against the wind, made using lightweight materials.

Warm: In this category you can find clothing that feature base laminated fabrics as an effective barrier with extreme weather conditions.

Intense: Included in this sections are gear with laminated materials more protective than tradition for better thermal insulation, with an inner layer that keeps you comfortable and dry, membrane insulator and an outer fabric, reliable protection from the elements.