Efficient heat management to keep body temperature constant. 


Careful choice of highly breathable fabrics that efficiently transport moisture away from your skin to keep it dry. The sweat moisture accumulates and can result in irritated skin and chafing. When it gets cold, the internal body temperature descends emerging dehydration problems and compromising your performance.




A more intense pressure on specific areas of the body improves blood flow by increasing muscle oxygenation. As a result, the acid lactic decreases helping recovery and preventing cramps and spasm


Treatment that prevent bad odour caused by bacterial growth.


It stops wind getting through to you by creating a barrier against the external elements while featuring excellent wicking properties.


Outer layer treatment that repels water. Water drops impact against the fabric which don’t penetrate through its fibres but instead, slide down the surface.


We use polyurethane membranes to obtain reliable waterproof protection. This kind of coating prevent water and wind entry and at the same time keeps unchanged body’s microclimate between skin and clothing. 


It's the relationship between the stress and the deformation of a material. When we create apparel in our RDD department, we look for the perfect amount of flexibility to ensure excellent functionality.

Elastic Energy +: Flexibility at its highest level. Elasticity in four directions to optimize body movements. By removing fabric tension, the energy dispersion decreases and, as a result, all effort is invested in obtaining the best performance.

Elastic Energy: Bi-elastic construction, that ensures great freedom of movement and comfortable fit. Even if the deformation level is slightly inferior to the previous category, it is still highly competitive and guarantees good athletic performance.

Comfort Energy: Elasticity in two directions. The structure of the fibres of the fabric allows an adequate flexibility in the critical areas providing a comfortable fit.