Material Tech


Very elastic and windproof fabric that features thermal-comfort properties. Its Water Repellent technology offers protection from rain, while its solid structure provides very high abrasion resistance. This fabric is a ground-breaking innovation due to its inner layer that provides extremely effective wicking properties.

It is a dynamic membrane that goes into action when athlete begins to move. Even while the athlete is static the Windtex Branchia performs its functions as a protective membrane. The more one moves, the more the membrane breathes maintaining the body’s, optimizing performance.


Laminated fabric that features excellent cooling and moisture-wicking. The outer layer is abrasion and tear resistant, and water repellent, too, while the inner polyester fleece ensures a high heat and insulation rating.


Winter fabric that offers advances in breathability and thermal insulation. Outer fabric: water slides over the surface without permeating the fabric. It’s a total membrane Drop that guarantees perfect protection against the wind while the layer in contact with skin works as an excellent thermal shield.


This fabric is incredibly breathable, durable and easy care; ideal under unfavourable weather conditions it keeps constant the body temperature and, with its particular structure, protects you from wind.


Two way stretch fabric, produced with our exclusive ennoblement technology “thermal by M.I.T.I.®”, performing, resistent, comfortable and easy care.


Tech-fabric made with white polyester specifically developed to hug and protect the athlete’s body like a second skin. It also boasts a great fit and excellent freedom of movement. The innovative fabric structure guarantees an optimal yield from all printed colours and ensures an extraordinary brilliant white.


Microfiber extremely elastic Polyamide that allows sweat to quickly evaporate to keep body temperature at its appropriate level and, consequently, beneficing athletes’ performance. With a very fine structure, this fabric isolates UV ray with a maximal protection (+UV50). It also features antibacterial effect and hydrophilic treatment.


Lycra Power is elastic on all sides, antistatic and assures high moisture transport along with lightness and absolute comfort. Garments manufactured with Lycra Power fabric can give improved sports performance, improved endurance and greater muscular power.


Extremely comfortable stretch thermo-fleece polyester that provides efficient moisture management by creating a layer of air between the body and the garment, keeping you drier during and after activities.


Tear and abrasion resistant fabric made with 100% Nylon Polyamide.


Highly durable protective print which enhances abrasion-resistance when placed on selectively chosen areas.


Non-fraying, classic double weave fabric made with super-opaque polyamide multifilament yarn and 20% elastomer. A long-lasting, heavy-weight fabric characterized by compactness and sturdiness.