Functional Features


Reflective inserts and elements are strategically placed on the garment to increase skier visibility everywhere, not only in the ski tracks. During winter, when the hours of sunlight decrease, it’s key to be seen in all light condition.


Product designed with earphone opening.

APC (Advanced Panel Construction)

Kreeze garments are made using fabrics differentiated for fi bres, structures and functionality. These materials have been put together depending on the specifi c needs of every part of the body, like a technological puzzle assembled to create unique technical and performance wear.


Using sublimation heat transfer, the colour penetrates into the fabric’s fi bres resulting in optimal colour performance and constant endurance over time.



Faulty zippers, broken teeth, pulls that pop, herky-jerky sliding. One zipper gone wrong can render an entire garment unwearable and BL Bicycle Line is proud to offer the best zippers on the market, the YKK.

YKK is the biggest and best zipper manufacturer in the world today. The Japanese company produces a number of HiTech products that provide global closing solutions worldwide. With every tiny detail handled under YKK’s roof, outside variables get eliminated and the company can assure consistent quality and speed of production that BL Bicycle Line then offers in its technical cycling wear range.