Technological innovation becomes fundamental pillar in the process of creating our new products without underestimating the invaluable heritage craft result of our extensive experience.
Functional Features
Our passion for cycling progression, product development and craftsmanship drives us to create progressive clothing. We have developed apparel with innovative structures to meet the most demanding of our customers' requirements.
Three-layers' Theory
The “3-layers’ theory” starts with the basic assumption that the heat dissipation produced during sport makes it difficult to obtain a constant body temperature, so it’s important to gradually add layers.
Material Tech
BL Bicycle Line have looked after of the choice of fabrics so as to provide the cyclist with better solutions in terms of performance and protection.
The pad is the most important element in cycling shorts. At the centre of our company philosophy we have always emphasized research and the use of pads with innovative solutions that provide you with optimal comfort, protection and sweat removal during sports activities.
Check temperature action
Our aims is to give just a suggestion because not everybody is sensitive to temperature at the same way.
Anatomic body performance
The design of our garments is the end result of 20 years’ work in close contact with professional cyclists. Based on this we designed the following models.
Size chart
Here is an approximate measurement chart that can help you choose your correct size. This was based on the height, the thorax and the waist circumferences.